Slowly Unravelling

This is to be my random ramblings of theatre, knitting, school life, my musical in progress, and anything I feel that the world should know about me. Why? you may ask. Well I'll tell you. Because I say so.


More on career choices

So today I started my third (and more than likely, the most permanent) summer job. I'm working at my parents vet clinic doing whatever it is that they need, which entails taking pictures of new animals for the computer database, holding animals for blood draws and nail trims, and cleaning up after surgery. (faborous day.) It's kind of dull but it's pretty low stress and the bigger dogs give you quite a workout. Pinning a 100 lb animal to a table is no small task.

House sitting is going dandy. They've got their TV permanently turned to the CBC though, so I'm not watching much. Which makes knitting difficult. (okay, so it's not permanently set to CBC, they've got the TV hooked up to two remotes and one controls channels and the other volume and I have no idea which is which since I have had no success in my attempts to unravel this mystery. It's such a guy thing to program them like that. I shall complain.) I'm 90% done with the fantastic shakespeare lpuzzle and It makes me e'er so happy.

My cousins are in town for 2 more days and I'm really going to miss them when they leave. They're the best sort of people. All 8 of them. I don't know what would posses you to have 6 children, but they do. (I love them anyways)

Today I purchased The Secret Garden soundtrack. "Lily's Eyes" is very possibly the greatest song of all time. I think a guy's ability to sing far outweighs the appearance in the hotness factor scales. I'm just odd like that.

Much Love.



So, I'm house sitting, which means it's me, a dog, and my knitting. But have I been knitting? no. Guess what I've been doing to widdle away the monotonous hours of nothingness. A puzzle. The greatest puzzle of all time. It's a 1000 piece tribute to the undying works of Shakespeare, including, but not limited to by any stretch: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and Richard VIII ( I think that's what Richard he is.)

I am so very entertained.

Today I went to the dentist, got lectured on flossing, finished up m semi-part time data entry career, and watered some plants. And I made guacamole. Exciting, I know. Much Love.


The one and only 60th

Today was the day we got the whole family together from across these great United States for my dear Grandparent's, Carl and Helen, 60th anniversary celebration. It's pretty much the best. We have my cousins from Missouri, my g-pa's sister in law(?) from montana, it's a veritable smorgasborg of unique familial relations. Needless to say I have greatly enjoyed myself today, especially since they renewed their vows and cake was in fact involved.

Kintting is the same. I'm done with chart 2 on the edging and 2.5 rows through chart 3. Just a whole bunch more to go. Just thought you'd like to know. Tomorrow I think I shall hyjak my siblings camara since she is home for one day and take a picture of the shawl in it's unblocked glory. Much Love.



Cleaning for company

I've been giving cleaning some thoughts. Why do we clean for company? Shouldn't they just accept us the way we are. Why do we put on a facade for them? Are we just not good enough, not matter how hard we try?

So to make up for our lack of self confidence, my theory is that we clean. A clean home is the one thing we can show off with, even if it nearly kills us in the process. Now, I know that some places need to be cleaned, but that's because they're coated in a layer of dust measurable with you standard, non-metric ruler. There's really no need to clean absolutely every nook and cranny in a house for people who should love you for who you are. Besides, a little clutter helps me to feel at home.

I just started the edging on my shawl and I've noticed that progress is moving much much slower. I've also noticed that I've only added about 20 stitches, so it shouldn't be. I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with me stopping every 3 stitches to admire my work. My mother is yelling at me to go clean now, so more later, including a fluffy, 70's afghan. Much Love.



I finished most of the piano bench corner. This is only one very small section of the whole thing (I think it's about 5" x 7") and I'm not so looking forward to the middle. I am also disappointed with the choice of colors on excel. Not so much. I tried to make the rose which is pink, mauve, and rose and now it's rose, magenta, and red (in that order) It's just not the same. Plus the orange rose looks like a pumpkin or a rose out of the 60's and 70's. Oh well. Here it is in all it's glory.

I think that it is most loverly. You can do what you wish with it or ask me to e-mail it to you or whatever. I don't care. I just think that it is pretty. (maybe it would look nice on a pillow, blanket, or purse. we shall see) Much Love.


Career moves for better or worse

Well, I've started working for a dental hygenist to rework her database by typing in every single one of the hygenists in the state of Washington. (If you didn't know that's where I lived, congratulations, I've narrowed it down from the whole world to a state) Basically I'm really looking forward to spending hours at a time staring at a computer screen and wasting valuable time that I could use for homework. Or knitting. mostly knitting. I'm not doing my homework right now.

I have also come to the realization that if I ever am going to post the piano bench pattern of floral loverliness, I'm going to need to write it on excel because we don't have a scanner. (at home. At work there is one, but it frightens me a bit.) And I want a camara that I can use at home so I can share my knitting with the world. This also does not look like it will happen anytime between now and Christmas, but we shall see.

We had our last group lesson in voice on Monday. I love them so. (and for once in my life I'm not being facicious if that's how you spell it) I got to sing 'In His Eyes' from Jekyll & Hyde, very possibly one of the greatest songs of all time. and I got to sing "What is this feeling" aka "Loathing" a la Wicked with Jillian. and there's a boy taking voice lessons now. And he can sing. This makes me happy as I have heard no boy who could sing since Musicale but that doesn't count since I don't like even remembering that treasured event (hack cough) Lots of fun music and small children. What could be better? I am sad that voice is done for the summer now.

Well, that's pretty much everything. Much Love.


Eyelash yarn and other scourges of mankind

So today I was cleaning my room (a miracle in and of itself) and I stumbled on to what I am forced to admit to be my first sweater (I think. It's a toss up between this one and a green striped one that we shall also not speak of. It has received a similar fate) and I realized that back in the days before I knew what colors belonged where and the appropriate usues for novelty yarn, I had made a sweater entirely out of paton's Cha-Cha. not okay. The thing is warm and fluffy and the ugliest, most unflattering sweater I have ever seen in my life. I didn't even bother to weave in the ends. (hallelujah) So I am frogging the whole thing and hoping for better days. Perhaps it will make a good blanket. It's soft and fuzzy and I'm sure I could make it work somehow so that the yarn doesn't go to waste.

I've got .5 repeats left in the shawl pattern before I start the edging (huzzah) and when the camara makes its way home perhaps I shall post photos. Until then you will have to be satisfied with the knowledge that the pattern lies when it says that the thing is 36" long. I give you the math--
Each repeat is 2.5 inches
there are 7.5 repeats plus 2.5 ish in edging (I did the addition)

2.5 X 10 = 25. Why is the thing 11" to short (mathematically speaking) I'm working it on needles a size bigger to compensate for the lack of give in the yarn and I'm only going to end up with 30". That's still 6" short of their promises. jerks and liars should not write knitting patterns.

Basically that's it right now. I'm reading This side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald and I am pleased by his witty comentary on life in the early 20th century (the book started the whole 20's mentalitly. It's pretty much hilarious. ) Much Love.


knitting and theatre. Also school is out

I finished my hats. about two weeks ago. I figured that maybe it was time to let you know that my seniors actually will have warm heads this winter. (especially those moving to ceaderville, Annie my love)

I'm working on the icarus shawl from interweave right now and in two weeks I've managed to knit six of the 7.5 repeats in the pattern. (basically because I was stress knitting over some stuff going on in choir. I can elaborate on that one if you'd like. but for now I shall spare you the frustrating details) It's in this random yarn I bought off of ebay (I am so addicted to ebay. la la la la la la la la la) It's blue. and shiney. which makes it distracting for everyone around me including, but not limited to, myself.

Last night we went and saw Donavan's play. He was in The Three Musketeers and Planchet and did a fantastic job, might I add. The script was crap but Donavan was funny so the night was not a total waste. We stood in the parking lot (me, Curry (drama teacher) and Donavan) and talked for an hour on one acts and the merits of destroying the drama program at the end of the year if no underclassmen get involved.

Ian and Donavan @ JSB acting like dorks. So what else is new

We finished school this week (thursday to be exact) and I have 4 books to read(A doll's House, Crime and Punishment, Hamlet, and The Mayor of Casterbridge) Three songs to learn ("Snap to it"and "through the years" to sing and "It don't mean a thing (if you ain't got that swing)" on piano) and 6 chapters of AP biology to memorize. And I'm working at my parent's clinic. Scooping poop pays surprisingly well.

So that's my life right now. real exciting, I know. I'm writing a fair isles style pattern (sort of) from our piano bench downstairs and I'll post it when I like the final results. It's floral. and really really pretty. Maybe I'll even actually knit it (no way, Megan knit her own project, blasphemy!) Much Love.



The Tonys and other theatre nonsense

So I watched a large portion of the Tonys last night and was greatly intrigued by several of the shows and excedingly put off by several others

Shows that looked pretty neat:

The Drowsy Chaperone (it's got Sutton Foster in it. I love Sutton. She was Jo in Little Women and that was pretty much amazing. And she sings.)

The Color Purple (seems uplifting enough and the singing was amazing. holy cow. The lead girl got best actress. Her name is Lachaz or something rediculous like that)

Jersey Boys (okay why have I not heard of this? It won the tony for best musical and got two different actor awards. along with a whole other slew of incrediblity. Me thinks that this one is a downloader a la itunes)

The Pajama Game (No idea that I'd seen this one before. It's got Kelly O'hara from Light in the Piazza (last year) and Harry Connic Jr or whatever his name is. Hernando's hide away I recognized. As in knew the words. So apparently I've seen this one)

Things I don't want to see. ever

Three Penny Opera (It's got the guy who played floop in spykids/the disappearing blue guy from X-2 who can sing, suprisingly, but it doesn't rhyme and there's something about a brothel and the girl can't sing and it looks like an experimental type thing where weird things happen and mean something totally different)

Sweeney Todd: the demon barbar of fleet street: (man who after some social injustices slits the throats of his customers when he shaves them and then gives them to the lady downstairs to make meat pies out of. mmm. not so much)

So that was the Tonys. pretty much exciting. I missed all but three dance numbers (Color Purple, Pajama game, Three Penny Opera) and was greatly depressed by that. Overall, it kind of seemed like a crummy year. Last year was a nail bighter with Spamalot, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Light in the Piazza, and La cage a folles (which I don't like. at all. The bird cage is a spin off) Anywhoot, now you are informed. Much Love.


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