Slowly Unravelling

This is to be my random ramblings of theatre, knitting, school life, my musical in progress, and anything I feel that the world should know about me. Why? you may ask. Well I'll tell you. Because I say so.


Stewart and Ethel

Here are some pictures of Stewart in progress (I have somewhere around 5 inches left. I'll finish it tonight-ish)

And here are the finished (sort of) pictures of Ethel. I haven't blocked her yet but you can get the basic idea and see what I mean by the world's weirdest yarn.

I still need to block it and then weave in the ends but there are 4 of them so I'm not stressed (that's right, I only had to change the ball once. I was so proud.)

I want to start the airy sweater from interweave (some season ago. I'm too lazy to go check) becuase I bought 1050 yds of a white lace-weight-ish yarn (capelli by Mango Moon, I think) for making a fancy wedding style shawl (I'm really shawl obsessed right now. I think lace is the best thing since sliced bread) but it doesn't knit good lace because the fuzz is so thick. It's like trying to knit a shawl in mohair, except the mohair won't stop clinging to itself. And the lace only shows up on size 4,000,000 needles. It's really obnoxious, but it looks just right for said cardigan. I didn't bother to really check gauge because we all know how I feel about that. I'll just knit the bottom edge (You make the ruffle and then pick up stitches) If it matches their measurments, I'll stick with it. If not, I'll rip it out and make...a blanket or something. I don't know.

School is looking busy. I read Oedipus Rex, Othello, The Butler Did It, and Steel Magnolias (first two for english, second two for drama) this weekend and I need to read the rest of the plays my director gave me. The administration turned them all down and I'm pretty good at rewording anything offensive and working around the ris-kay. It's a gift. I did find things I could not change. There's a scene in The Butler Did It where they discuss partial nudity and it's kind of pivital to the plot because it feeds into the denumeunt (I don't think I spelled that right but what the hey.) My mother is bothering my to move my knitting off the kitchen table being that it is about the time of the day where we need it to eat. (funny how that works.) So more later.

Much Love.


Never rip back brown chenille

So much stress. I had to rip back ten rows which seems like no big deal until you realize that

1. it's impossible to see brown chenille on any carpet in my house
2. the yarn wanted to pull back through itself every single row
3. there are 400 stitches to pick up
4. 1/3 of those stitches are yarn overs
5. I anything ends up dropped, It's a screw that type mistake becuase I have no idea how to p5tog with a crochet hook.

But I did it. And I finished it. All the way to the happy little points. Pictures when my internet connection stops hating me. (have I ever told you I hate computers? I have? well I do.) It still needs to be blocked but this is a minor detail. Plus it ended up looking really classy and casual at the same time. And I hate ponchos. But I love this shawl (don't ask why I toy with fate every project I attempt) He's sitting on the top of one of my dressers (the one that stores the largest percentage of the stash.) I haven't worked on him for about two weeks but I only have the forearm of one sleeve left. It's just lost it's magic. At least there's no sewing. I can't sew.

Last year I knit this giant orange sweater from lionbrand

And I look--not surprisingly--like a fat pumpkin. Well, I put it in these drawers built into the wall under my closet and mice chewed a hole in it. Is it wrong to feel attachment to a garment despite hating the finished product? That's all we're going to say about that.

Much Love


It's about time to pay attention to what I'm doing

So my dial up connection at home is a load of horse poo and I am about ready to rip the computer out of the wall and chuck it at the kitchen counter. Or shove it in the oven. "Maybe death will stop your yamering..." sorry. The connection fails approximately every hour, on the hour. It's fantastic.

Ethel is coming along. I can't say she's coming along well because I'm being lazy. And not just a little lazy either. We're talking I screwed up the third row of the first lily chart badly enough that it's a whole two stitches over the entire time and the little bobbles no where near match up. That was two charts ago. Chart two went off without much of a hitch (I did accidentally knit the center spine yarn overs into the middle of the left side, but that was easily remidied. The slightly stretched yarn over gives it...character...) Chart three has been a disaster. I'm trying to do it right but so far I've increase 4 stitches on the ends ( first center before the spine and the far end of the knit side) and then had to decrease6 or 7 the next time through becuase I was on something. (not sure what. I'm under the drinking age and I believe that advil is to strong of a drug.) I'm being lazy. I've got 12ish more rows to muddle my way through. The good news is I knit it in very forgiving chenille that hides all mistakes (sort of. nups two stitches over are hard to disguise.) I want this to be an everyday sort of shawl because I'm needy and I want shawls to be cool again. They should be. Them and capes. Icarus is my theatre shawl.

I tried knitting Meg's socks in VK and was playing with fire the whole way. I made a gauge swatch (bad idea. gauge lies to me often. I knit consistently, evenly, and the fabric undergoes some voodoo spell that makes it 6 inches too big or 2 inches too small (in the case of the sock. I'm in love with the pattern (there are lots of errors so I recommend grabbing the pattern from the site. That'd probably be best) and I bought yarn that'd give me a slightly bigger gauge on purpose. I have big calves. gymnastics does that to you. And they don't go away. I made my swatch, was content, and started knitting. I got to the heel, turned it, made it half way through the decreases and tried it on (I have to. It's a complex issue that I'm dealing with) I couldn't get it past my heel. It was too narrow by a long shot. I was angry. Then I spent twenty minutes ripping out hours of work.

As a bonus, a lesson learned from this event--If you knit incorrectly like I do. (a cross between English style and just plain wrong. I call it crab-gopher knitting) You can seperate the yarn with your thumb if the yarn changes every two or three stitches and you get a great consistent back. Does not work so well if it's over more than 4 or 5 stitches before the change. Gets too loose.

School starts on Wednesday. I'm done with my summer job. I finished my summer reading (yee-ha, three days before school started. then more homework) I think I know where I want to go to college (that's this next year. Class of 07 representin') I'm running Thespian Society. Life is good.

Much Love.