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Theatre for the first time in a while

My computer has decided to monitor my page content via not allowing me to add any pictures to my page. Due to this...hmmm...minor inconvienience (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong) I am not blogging on knitting today. Today it's theatre. And musicals. And mine.

So school theatre is looking complex. we don't know what we're doing in the fall despite having everything laid out at the end of last year, completely ready to take on the next five years of production. We have no scripts. We have no administration approval. We have nada.

Church theatre is a wee bit more interesting. We're doing a dinner theatre called "Phil's Diner" and I'm hoping for Flodine. (think waitress extrarodiare...spelled that wrong, too...with a southern accent) If not, I'm hoping for some jovial part with next to nil lines so that I can interact with who ever is at my table. Either way I'm good. I have to laugh though. They want audience participation. ha. Did they see Cinderella's Cruchy Christmas Cake (C4) last year? we had to beat them with a club to get them to sing jinglebells. I scoff at the attempt.

Right now I'm really into the drowsy chaperone. I think it's hillarious. It's got Sutton Foster (my of my heros.) as a leading lady, and Ethel Mirmen-esc anthem from the chaperone, a latin lover--Aldolpho (who sings very close to the funniest song I have ever heard) and a very forgetful hostess ("Love makes lovers worry, Love makes lovers fret, but here's a fact on which we can depend: just like long ago when Romeo loved Juliet, Love is always lovely in the end""I must point out, madam, that Romeo and Juliet was a tragedy""Oh, I never read reviews.")

I'm also in love with Jane Eyre, which has the most reoccuring themes I've ever heard. Songs will have a reprise of at least 3 other songs tucked away in them (I look for unifying pieces, so reoccuring themes are a big one for me.) I love Sirens...and Secret Soul. I feel like the first few bars of Farewell, Good Angel were ripped off from the concept version of Facade from Jekyll and Hyde, but that just means I know the score way too well.

As to my musical(s) I've got two in my head right now. The first is the story of a dance hall run by a really controling manager. He kills his leading lady by not allowing her to leave despite her visibly declining health. After her death, the understudy takes center stage and makes a mess of things and the Cellist is forced to sing, (insert troubled past here) which she happens to be quite good at. The Cellist takes over center stage and overcomes her fear, the understudy learns who she is and where she belongs and the manager realizes that he needs to loosen up or more of his girls are going to die. Lots of good lyrics

Lullaby sweet darkness
Goodnight my stars
Goodbye my angels
Who dwell in my dreams
Lullaby hear it calling
Feel darkness, overwhelming
Let go of your fears of what will come
Let go, Lullaby
Goodnight my darkness
Sweet dreams
(think melodic and sweet for the first four lines and all of the sudden it's in a minor key and you're powering out the high notes. It makes me happy. and it's a reoccuring theme (: )

The second is a love story between very ugly man and a blind girl. They have to overcome their issues before they can be together. Toss in a sister who wishes the blind girl would leave and a best friend who thinks the blind girl is the best thing since sliced bread and it turns from your basic love story into a plot that opens with a shooting and teaches people not to judge things based on their appearances. (Ugly man shoots best friend for trying to rape/kill his girl and saves her life.)

In my world of darkness
You were my one light
In my night parade
You broke the masquerade
You gave me hope
And showed me true site

Come save me now
Find me again
I'm lost in a nightmare
A dream where there's no happy end
Come save me now
Find me here
Please find me, my dear

Yeah for that. Now you know.

More on knitting when my computer stops hating me.
Much Love.


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