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This is to be my random ramblings of theatre, knitting, school life, my musical in progress, and anything I feel that the world should know about me. Why? you may ask. Well I'll tell you. Because I say so.


Wild Waves and Musicals

Well, yesterday I went to wildwaves. Yeah for the extortion of a park with two coasters and 6 waterslides charging $40 a person and $17 to park. Extortion. I applied sunscreen at least 3 times everywhere and once before I left but to no avail. I am sunburned as all get out. Not okay. (for those of you who don't know me, my skin clings to its northern scandanavian heritage like a round hairbrush to curly hair. I burn through 35 spf.) But I went on 4 rides even though I hate them. I rode the carousel (my personal favorite) and the swings, the parasail thingy and the slide (okay, so it doesnt really count as a ride but I love the giant yellow slides. They're my favorite.)

My drama teacher has actually admitted to the possibility of a musical next year. (there are cries of hallelujah reigning down from heaven) It'd be clue. It's either clue or Deathtrap next spring. Either way I am rejoicing. And I purchased The Drowsy Chaperone and I love Sutton Foster. She=amazing. And I'm listening to The Last Five Years. (I could chew on tin foil for a spell, I could get a root canal in hell, but it wouldn't be as swell as this summer's going to be...) I can't believe I've never heard of it before. It's so amazing. And Norbert Leo Butz (poor, poor man) is such and incredible singer.

In knitting news, I'm hanging up the shawl until I finish my summer reading for school. It takes a half and hour to do a row and I have 1000 pages to read still. I am knitting the pea pod baby sweater from happy acrylic yarn because I'm cheap. (red heart super soft) I love to knit, I love yarn, I hate to pay for it. Also I taught my darling friend to knit before shipping her off to Arizona or Texas or NewMexico or something like that. She such a doll. I miss her a lot. Much Love and more later...



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