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The Tonys and other theatre nonsense

So I watched a large portion of the Tonys last night and was greatly intrigued by several of the shows and excedingly put off by several others

Shows that looked pretty neat:

The Drowsy Chaperone (it's got Sutton Foster in it. I love Sutton. She was Jo in Little Women and that was pretty much amazing. And she sings.)

The Color Purple (seems uplifting enough and the singing was amazing. holy cow. The lead girl got best actress. Her name is Lachaz or something rediculous like that)

Jersey Boys (okay why have I not heard of this? It won the tony for best musical and got two different actor awards. along with a whole other slew of incrediblity. Me thinks that this one is a downloader a la itunes)

The Pajama Game (No idea that I'd seen this one before. It's got Kelly O'hara from Light in the Piazza (last year) and Harry Connic Jr or whatever his name is. Hernando's hide away I recognized. As in knew the words. So apparently I've seen this one)

Things I don't want to see. ever

Three Penny Opera (It's got the guy who played floop in spykids/the disappearing blue guy from X-2 who can sing, suprisingly, but it doesn't rhyme and there's something about a brothel and the girl can't sing and it looks like an experimental type thing where weird things happen and mean something totally different)

Sweeney Todd: the demon barbar of fleet street: (man who after some social injustices slits the throats of his customers when he shaves them and then gives them to the lady downstairs to make meat pies out of. mmm. not so much)

So that was the Tonys. pretty much exciting. I missed all but three dance numbers (Color Purple, Pajama game, Three Penny Opera) and was greatly depressed by that. Overall, it kind of seemed like a crummy year. Last year was a nail bighter with Spamalot, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Light in the Piazza, and La cage a folles (which I don't like. at all. The bird cage is a spin off) Anywhoot, now you are informed. Much Love.


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