Slowly Unravelling

This is to be my random ramblings of theatre, knitting, school life, my musical in progress, and anything I feel that the world should know about me. Why? you may ask. Well I'll tell you. Because I say so.


And suddenly, it was April...oops

So it's been a loooooooooong time since I last posted. and I am sorry. But I am busy so that's going to be the canned excuse used to disguise my total lack of commitment to anything technologically advanced.

On to the knitting (because that's all you really care about)

I've been working on several things as of late. My christmas yarn (which had to be set aside because I literally destroyed my hands for a month, like, had to have them taped so I wasn't screaming in pain. It is slowly but surely being transformed into a sweater from my first issue of VK (summer of some year, I'm too lazy to go check) I've finished the back, and you knit the front in one continuous, racetrack of a piece. (knit the hood, bo 20, c0 20, knit the body, c030, k for 1.25 in, co 30, k other half of body, b0 20, co 20, knit the other half of the hood)

When my computer likes me I'll add picture--I've got 7 ish more inches on the last half of the hood. then it's 2 st st sleeves and I'm done (yes, there's sewing and end weaving but I don't like to count that)

I'm on spring break, so I should be able to finish it.

I want to start designing my own stuff. I'm sick and tired of the rest of the worlds knitted sweaters because they are all rediculoulsly disgusting. Especially since I'm 18, not 52 like my mother, who I would knit a sweater for, but the ones she likes take 3.5 billion yards of fingering and I am no where near that patient.

So, occasionally I may post a pattern or two with no accompanying picture. This may mean I have no worked it. If you love me, you will and then you will send me a picture of what it looks like.

I started a free form purse, It's all patchy and cool, but I've only worked one side and I think I want it bigger but not busier. Pictures eventually.

Sorry that not much has happened in between me not typing.

Play opens April 20th. we are NOT ready.
Much Love.



Well, Christmas has come and gone and life is good. My daddy gave me a ball winder and enough yarn to make a sweater, which I have begun to do.

I have also cleaned up my entire stash by turning it into happy wheels of stackable yarn. This yarn baller (or more accurately, yarn wheeler) is the start of a new me...a cleaner, more organized...who am I kidding, I just like to play with it.

The sweater--henceforth to be refered to as a variation on a pattern by Amanda Griggiths as featured in her fanastical book 1000 Sweater.

I am also the happy owner of sock yarn. Lots and lots of sock yarn

And a giant book of musicals

And underwear, trouser socks, breath mints and chap stick

My parents are amazing

Much Love.


What if I just gave up?

Do you ever have those moments where you realize the amount that you've taken on is somewhere around 27 to 39 times the amount that you can handle? And to top it off, there's nothing you want more than to curl up on the bathroom floor next to the toilet and die of illness, whether the thing that is growing in you virally or the stomach ulcer that the level of stress has so graciously blessed you with? But if you stop, even for a few hour, you know that the 27 to 39 times to much work with square it self. At least. And all you want to do is give up...and you wonder to yourself "self, would it be easier if I just quit, dropped everything difficult and had a nice, relaxing________(fill in the blank with the appropriate noun-age.)?" And your self says back "yes, yes it would, but if you give up now, you will be throwing away at least three, if not four and a half years of work and you will hate yourself (aka me) forever. And we just can't live like that"

That's where I am right now. This last week I had a test in AP English (Canterbury tales), AP Calculus (curve sketching and implicit differentiation...) and AP Biology (Replication of DNA and RNA). Monday I have a Lit terms test and an American Government test on the 1st Amendment (freedom of speech, press, petition, assembly, religion) and a choir concert. and we're picking out graduation announcements. Tuesday I'm gone half the day carolling at a nursing home with a Spanish test 7th period. Wednesday is Inter-high. I don't know what it is, I just know that I'm missing an entire day of school and giving tours to...someone.

I'm trying to be involved with class council as much as is humanly possible.
I'm trying to run Thespian Society (drama club for the theatrically illiterate) and get us set up for the competition in January.
I'm trying to get my calc grade up to an A from a B+. I have worked long and hard for my perfect GPA. I will not ruin it my senior year. I won't do it.

Also, I have 2 piano pieces to memorize, a French opera aria to perfect, a theatre song to choose, coreograph and master in 6 weeks, finals, college aps, and a meriad of other, delightful activities.

I am knitting a scarf.
Get over it. 22 stitches. Cathedral lace pattern from interweave. Same stuff as my purse. It's...ichy

That's my life right now.
Don't you wish you were me?

Much Love.


Apologies for my neglect


The play is done. It went fine.
I have abandoned my musical. I had no life as it was
I have done close to (but not exactly) no knitting

Minor exception

This bad boy.

I also finished quite a few things

Arch Shaped stocking (not stockings. only one. To be fair, it is a knee-high)

Yes it's pinned shut with DPNs. Yes Stewart is absolutely adorable

There are some others computer sucks

I'm singing at Bethany Baptist with Shobi (jazz choir) Saturday...and schools been canceled due to ...

SNOW!!!!!!!!!! (my front yard. I love where I live. aside from it being the middle of nowhere...)

Snow, though amazing at this time of year, is putting a real cramp on the practicing, especially since we weren't anywhere near ready on Monday.

(as an aside, why does it take my computer 3 seconds to load the pic of snow, and in excess of a half an hour to load a knitting photo. My computer is discriminating.)

Oh, and say hello to the best community sevice project ever :)

Spring play will probably be The Murder Room

cool, huh
Much Love.

Reworked Lyrics for the last verse of 'Let it snow'

Oh---the choir is slowly dying
And the audience is crying
The altos sing way too low
Let us go, Let us go, Let us go


The world throught the eyes of a stressed out teenager

I'm going to get my third production. I think. It'll be the Secret Garden (Lucy Simon & Marsha Norman. Pretty much the best...)

I've got rights
I've got a calandar
I've got the CD
I'm giving them all to Borberg tomorrow.

I don't have
the script
the administration's approval
A date set for auditions.


Basically, I need to get the go ahead and then cast it ten minutes later. So, I need to hand out music now, but I can't becaiuse I don't have music now. Good Luck to me.

If I get it and cast it then, on top of my 3 AP classes, piano lessons, and learning an opera piece, I will need to direct a musical, learn the 1st soprano part (Lily. Am I allowed to do that? I mean, after all, it is my musical, my idea and I want to be Lily. I don't think anyone else can sing that high anyhow...) fanagel 22 costumes, get approval to use jr. highers for at least 2 parts, build sets, decide on lighting, teach the music, block, coreograph, and go stark raving mad

I'm going to die by January.

Basically, in the next 3 months I will get no knitting done. at all

I'm making a purse. It's some Jo-ann 'sensations' yarn (oo-lah-lah...bellezza) and it felts kind of funky so I may have to line a strapped coin purse because it shrunk, but somehow managed to get bigger holes...(the swatch may be misleading...have I ever told you how I feel about swatches? and gauge? I have? oh)

And we open in 3 weeks. I can count that on one hand.

I am going to have a stroke. This is the blood clot travelling to my brain right now. I am going to die

Much Love.


A year and a day

Life has been stressful and appologize to my 'audience' for not blogging for an exceedingly lengthy period of time. I've been veryveryvery busy. You have no idea. I'm juggling my 3 AP classes quite nicely (okay, I'm doing fine in English, but I'm fighting for my grades in Biology and Calculus. Calculus is fixable, biology, we'll see.) Right now we're reading/listening to MacBeth which I find extraordinarily entertaining, but we haven't made it past act 1 yet, so no one's died. Everyone will be the end. (It's a Shakespearean tragedy. Hamlet--everybody except the student and the soldier dies, Othello--everybody except the bad guy dies, Romeo and Juliet--Mercutio, Tibalt, Romeo, Juliet (and probably some others) die horrible gruesome deaths. To sum up--Shakespearean tragedy=death in all parties)

The play is going. This Friday I'm begging on my hands and knees for a third production in the winter. Not going to happen, I know, but I'm trying anyhow. I'm looking at three musicals--The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, and Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast is for show. We can't do it. It costs $1000 a night in royalties alone.) My life is consumed with this

Also I am house sitting.

I'm knitting. What, I can't show you because I have neither the camara, nor the hookup at my 'job' Basically all you need to know is Ethel--done. Stewart--done knitting, still no zipper and all the ends are flying loose like tails in the wind. A new shawl (...Amelia sounds good) in handpaint from the Puyallup Fair in the Yarn Harlots ever so coveted pattern. It's purdy. A purse for felting from interweave (...Fabrizio. I'm naming it Fabrizio. Not fitting when you see the color scheme, but we'll survive. I think) And a shirt that the puppy just ripped apart yesterday so I am no longer working on it. Pictures soon...eventually

My big thing now is charting musical logos. I've got Wicked and Jane Eyre done and I'm working on Les Mis, but that one's going to be huge because it's so intricate (wicked is like, 80 x 150, and that's just Cosette's face) I'll try little Women eventually. It's a whole bunch of really curvy lines, so maybe knit a white square, embroider and then felt (I'm fleting them all so I can sew them together and make a blanket or something. Like a patchwork quilt) I'm ignoring Light in the Piazza and The Secret Garden because...I don't have that muuch dedication (or the money to buy 40 progressive shades of yellow that radiate from the silloutte of Clara. Yee-ha)

I'll post charts when I can, but as of now, no dice. I love colour work.

Much Love.


Stewart and Ethel

Here are some pictures of Stewart in progress (I have somewhere around 5 inches left. I'll finish it tonight-ish)

And here are the finished (sort of) pictures of Ethel. I haven't blocked her yet but you can get the basic idea and see what I mean by the world's weirdest yarn.

I still need to block it and then weave in the ends but there are 4 of them so I'm not stressed (that's right, I only had to change the ball once. I was so proud.)

I want to start the airy sweater from interweave (some season ago. I'm too lazy to go check) becuase I bought 1050 yds of a white lace-weight-ish yarn (capelli by Mango Moon, I think) for making a fancy wedding style shawl (I'm really shawl obsessed right now. I think lace is the best thing since sliced bread) but it doesn't knit good lace because the fuzz is so thick. It's like trying to knit a shawl in mohair, except the mohair won't stop clinging to itself. And the lace only shows up on size 4,000,000 needles. It's really obnoxious, but it looks just right for said cardigan. I didn't bother to really check gauge because we all know how I feel about that. I'll just knit the bottom edge (You make the ruffle and then pick up stitches) If it matches their measurments, I'll stick with it. If not, I'll rip it out and make...a blanket or something. I don't know.

School is looking busy. I read Oedipus Rex, Othello, The Butler Did It, and Steel Magnolias (first two for english, second two for drama) this weekend and I need to read the rest of the plays my director gave me. The administration turned them all down and I'm pretty good at rewording anything offensive and working around the ris-kay. It's a gift. I did find things I could not change. There's a scene in The Butler Did It where they discuss partial nudity and it's kind of pivital to the plot because it feeds into the denumeunt (I don't think I spelled that right but what the hey.) My mother is bothering my to move my knitting off the kitchen table being that it is about the time of the day where we need it to eat. (funny how that works.) So more later.

Much Love.