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This is to be my random ramblings of theatre, knitting, school life, my musical in progress, and anything I feel that the world should know about me. Why? you may ask. Well I'll tell you. Because I say so.


A year and a day

Life has been stressful and appologize to my 'audience' for not blogging for an exceedingly lengthy period of time. I've been veryveryvery busy. You have no idea. I'm juggling my 3 AP classes quite nicely (okay, I'm doing fine in English, but I'm fighting for my grades in Biology and Calculus. Calculus is fixable, biology, we'll see.) Right now we're reading/listening to MacBeth which I find extraordinarily entertaining, but we haven't made it past act 1 yet, so no one's died. Everyone will be the end. (It's a Shakespearean tragedy. Hamlet--everybody except the student and the soldier dies, Othello--everybody except the bad guy dies, Romeo and Juliet--Mercutio, Tibalt, Romeo, Juliet (and probably some others) die horrible gruesome deaths. To sum up--Shakespearean tragedy=death in all parties)

The play is going. This Friday I'm begging on my hands and knees for a third production in the winter. Not going to happen, I know, but I'm trying anyhow. I'm looking at three musicals--The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, and Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast is for show. We can't do it. It costs $1000 a night in royalties alone.) My life is consumed with this

Also I am house sitting.

I'm knitting. What, I can't show you because I have neither the camara, nor the hookup at my 'job' Basically all you need to know is Ethel--done. Stewart--done knitting, still no zipper and all the ends are flying loose like tails in the wind. A new shawl (...Amelia sounds good) in handpaint from the Puyallup Fair in the Yarn Harlots ever so coveted pattern. It's purdy. A purse for felting from interweave (...Fabrizio. I'm naming it Fabrizio. Not fitting when you see the color scheme, but we'll survive. I think) And a shirt that the puppy just ripped apart yesterday so I am no longer working on it. Pictures soon...eventually

My big thing now is charting musical logos. I've got Wicked and Jane Eyre done and I'm working on Les Mis, but that one's going to be huge because it's so intricate (wicked is like, 80 x 150, and that's just Cosette's face) I'll try little Women eventually. It's a whole bunch of really curvy lines, so maybe knit a white square, embroider and then felt (I'm fleting them all so I can sew them together and make a blanket or something. Like a patchwork quilt) I'm ignoring Light in the Piazza and The Secret Garden because...I don't have that muuch dedication (or the money to buy 40 progressive shades of yellow that radiate from the silloutte of Clara. Yee-ha)

I'll post charts when I can, but as of now, no dice. I love colour work.

Much Love.


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