Slowly Unravelling

This is to be my random ramblings of theatre, knitting, school life, my musical in progress, and anything I feel that the world should know about me. Why? you may ask. Well I'll tell you. Because I say so.


School and the like

This has been a...frustrating month for school. AP testing was early on. ugh is a good word for a 3 hour test involving writing 10 well thought out pages. Teachers are trying (some failing) to wind up the curiculum for the year and, well, I'm fighting with them over what my grades are posted as v. the work they should reflect. Basically, I've gone from a B+ in one class to having extra credit (don't ask me how, but I'm okay with the new system) and my English grade is crap. I can't get an accurate thing out of my teacher. For example

1st quarter grade 92.1%
2nd quarter grade 91.4%

semester grade 88.9%

okay, being that the semester is an average of the two quarters, I do believe that 88 is not the average of my quarter grades. So we get that fixed and she leaves out a test that I took early. I wasn't going to be in class, so I took it so this wouldn't happen and now my grade is and 85%. I'm going to throw a hissy fit.


Knitting is the only thing that keeps me sane. A local Joanns was closing (poor location) and I got a steal on yarn (mmm...yarn, how I love thee) I knit a hat with it this afternoon and I love it ever so much. Is that a bad thing? I finished a baby blanket the day before the shower by knitting during class nonstop for an entire week (teachers were surprisingly okay with it. apperantly the idea of small children and semi-productive hobbies gets them all misty-eyed) More later. It's really late at night and I want to sleep. Much Love.


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