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Eyelash yarn and other scourges of mankind

So today I was cleaning my room (a miracle in and of itself) and I stumbled on to what I am forced to admit to be my first sweater (I think. It's a toss up between this one and a green striped one that we shall also not speak of. It has received a similar fate) and I realized that back in the days before I knew what colors belonged where and the appropriate usues for novelty yarn, I had made a sweater entirely out of paton's Cha-Cha. not okay. The thing is warm and fluffy and the ugliest, most unflattering sweater I have ever seen in my life. I didn't even bother to weave in the ends. (hallelujah) So I am frogging the whole thing and hoping for better days. Perhaps it will make a good blanket. It's soft and fuzzy and I'm sure I could make it work somehow so that the yarn doesn't go to waste.

I've got .5 repeats left in the shawl pattern before I start the edging (huzzah) and when the camara makes its way home perhaps I shall post photos. Until then you will have to be satisfied with the knowledge that the pattern lies when it says that the thing is 36" long. I give you the math--
Each repeat is 2.5 inches
there are 7.5 repeats plus 2.5 ish in edging (I did the addition)

2.5 X 10 = 25. Why is the thing 11" to short (mathematically speaking) I'm working it on needles a size bigger to compensate for the lack of give in the yarn and I'm only going to end up with 30". That's still 6" short of their promises. jerks and liars should not write knitting patterns.

Basically that's it right now. I'm reading This side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald and I am pleased by his witty comentary on life in the early 20th century (the book started the whole 20's mentalitly. It's pretty much hilarious. ) Much Love.


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