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This is to be my random ramblings of theatre, knitting, school life, my musical in progress, and anything I feel that the world should know about me. Why? you may ask. Well I'll tell you. Because I say so.


More on career choices

So today I started my third (and more than likely, the most permanent) summer job. I'm working at my parents vet clinic doing whatever it is that they need, which entails taking pictures of new animals for the computer database, holding animals for blood draws and nail trims, and cleaning up after surgery. (faborous day.) It's kind of dull but it's pretty low stress and the bigger dogs give you quite a workout. Pinning a 100 lb animal to a table is no small task.

House sitting is going dandy. They've got their TV permanently turned to the CBC though, so I'm not watching much. Which makes knitting difficult. (okay, so it's not permanently set to CBC, they've got the TV hooked up to two remotes and one controls channels and the other volume and I have no idea which is which since I have had no success in my attempts to unravel this mystery. It's such a guy thing to program them like that. I shall complain.) I'm 90% done with the fantastic shakespeare lpuzzle and It makes me e'er so happy.

My cousins are in town for 2 more days and I'm really going to miss them when they leave. They're the best sort of people. All 8 of them. I don't know what would posses you to have 6 children, but they do. (I love them anyways)

Today I purchased The Secret Garden soundtrack. "Lily's Eyes" is very possibly the greatest song of all time. I think a guy's ability to sing far outweighs the appearance in the hotness factor scales. I'm just odd like that.

Much Love.


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